Provides​ ​retailers​ ​with​ ​ESL​ ​solutions​ ​that​ ​grow​ ​revenue​ ​and​ ​save​ ​money​ ​&​ ​a​ ​universal​ ​open​ ​tagging​ ​system​ ​for​ ​retailers​ ​and​ ​consumers.

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* Calculations are based on the total number of label changes during the business year. Using a basic labour rates. ESL Electricity usage is based on the number of access points. Design costs are calculated on the standard industry rates. Store requirements will vary. Paper label costs include a standard error rate of 2% annually. Smrtprice has used industry average rates for management and execution of paper label pricing.

helping retailers and consumers.

SmrtPrice's digital tag system and app scanning unique scan technology provides consumers with access to satisfy all of your business needs. Our dashboards provide extensive reporting and analysis for business to monitor activity and technology. to capture product information on any product and in any environment from a single scan.

This consumer and retailer empowerment provides consumers with information they need and want on the spot and allows them to choose their level of engagement with retailers, brands and manufacturers.

services and features.

We use customer insights to inspire true loyalty. Mobile plays an increasingly important role to driving, enabling and shaping loyalty.

The platform with basic functions will be offered for free to everyone. Promoters get a universal turn-key solution to engage, promote and sell.

Coupons, vouchers, offers, contextual promotions, in-store events, redemption, tracking, marketing efficiency monitoring

We provide cloud based electronic shelf label (ESL) extension module for retailers to enhance digital freedom.

The consumer mobile app is available for all mobile operating systems.

Our solution embraces almost all of the currently available features to be found in similar applications, extended with game changing behaviors.

Customers are gradually becoming accustomed to the simpler shopping process offered by e-commerce pure players. In physical stores, they can easily lose their way while hunting for the right ink cartridge, particular light bulb or suitable charging cable. In the end, they leave the store frustrated and, in the worst case, without buying anything at all. Instead of wasting time searching the shelves, customers can find the product they want easily and quickly with SmrtPrice.

SmrtPrice stores become a smart asset, with smart labels, smart display shelves, smart security cameras, and a universal connectivity infrastructure (Wi-Fi, IoT, NFC, BLE/Beacon) to help collect and exchange a multitude of data. Everything is tracked and measured. Concretely, it is possible to know which products are (or are not) on the shelves at all times, as well as which customers are in the stores and what they are looking for. This fundamental information changes everything in terms of the store’s operating and sales efficiency. Some management tasks can be automated or remotely managed. Specifically, stores will be able to considerably reduce shortages, waste, staff costs, and over-stocks related to insufficiently responsive and refined pricing policies. Sales per ft will be optimized by continuous analysis and optimization of mix and merchandising.

SmrtPrice electronic shelf labels.

Connected via radio frequency to a price management software, SmrtPrice , in-store or in the cloud, our ESLs mean prices can be changed in real-time giving the retailer a decisive advantage. SmrtPrice has a radio communication platform, SmrtPrice infrastructure, (ESL, Wi-Fi, NFC , BLE ) compatible with all display technologies (LCD,TFT, E-paper).

This truly groundbreaking all-in-one solution is perfect for anyone looking for a simple solution to manage and control all their services connected to Wi-Fi and electronic labels. This flexibility offers retailers the best of both worlds. It is able to offer shelf edge automation processes (dynamic pricing, stock and inventory management) and innovative new contactless marketing services such as self-scan to pay, geolocation, customer identification and targeted offers in real time. The nerve center of the electronic labeling solution, SmrtPrice is an intuitive, scalable, modular software platform designed to address the challenges facing retailers today. Taking a holistic approach, this platform is not simply confined to in-store price management and synchronization. Rather, it makes it possible to use all available data sources which carry meaning for our customers, with a view to helping them increase their sales, lower their costs and better secure the loyalty of their own shoppers. Depending on how it is configured, SmrtPrice operationalizes the use of data related to product locations, purchase history, customer loyalty, stock levels and conversion rates, etc. In other words, it puts as much information as possible that can be used to refine pricing and marketing strategies at the retailer’s fingertips. SmrtPrice is more than just a software platform used to drive a wide range of digital, dynamic and interactive displays. SmrtPrice is the cornerstone of the SmrtPrice solution. It is linked to our SmrtPrice infrastructure and offers much more than managing price changes, special offers, product geolocation service and NFC shopping. SmrtPrice Real Time Marketing With SmrtPrice ESL (Electronic Shelf Labels) you can market and test pricing strategies in real time. You can offer a price discount for 2 hours in the middle of the afternoon and return to normal pricing if it benefits your customers and drives traffic. With SmrtPrice ESL your marketing team can engage directly in traffic shaping enhancing your in store experience for your customers and facilitating demand when needed to support staffing level management.

SmrtPrice Price Automation – Make Pricing Easy

In a context of aggressive competition and a need for synchronization with e-commerce, real-time price changes today represent a strategic advantage and require maximum responsiveness and reliability, we make possible with electronic labels. For a store, the labelling process is first and foremost highly time-consuming. Changing all the prices in a hypermarket can take a team several days, whereas just a few minutes are enough with SmrtPrice CloudTM electronic shelf labelling.

At the same time, high competitive pressure intensified by e-commerce has led to a sharp increase in the frequency of price changes. SmrtPrice Electronic shelf labelling thus offers retailers the versatility, productivity and accuracy needed to deal with these changes. This is where paper labels generate a lack of responsiveness and synchronization, along with higher implementation costs and mistakes between the prices shown on the shelf and those at the till. For the consumer, electronic labelling therefore not only means accurate prices, but also low prices since it streamlines price competition

Shopper Connectivity

Internet and the growing reach penetration of smartphones are transforming the way retailers operate. With the emergence of these digital channels, consumers are more connected, more demanding, better informed and more impatient. To adapt, stores need to reinvent themselves, using digital technology to connect, to get to know, to guide, to inform and to assist consumers at the point of sale. For each one of these challenges, intelligent labels provide impressive solutions.

ESLs are the long awaited network of intelligent sensors linking the customer, items, retailer and brand. They ensure a seamless digital customer experience. By simply touching the price label with their smartphone, consumers access a wealth of information about the composition, origin and manufacture of the products. Consumers can geo-locate their shopping list and optimize their route around the store. In addition, with the simple touch on their smartphone, consumers will find new products quickly and easily and manage their shopping basket all the while getting loyalty benefits and saving time thanks to self-scanning. At the same time, retailers will be able to offer various services such as contextualized marketing, social media integration and loyalty system cross- and up-selling to all their brands.

Store Efficiency

Paper labels are currently being replaced with digital solutions to combat increasing labor costs and better manage frequent price changes.Because of the innovation behind the increasing intelligence of electronic shelf labels and associated software, retail stores are conquering yet another transformation: the digital revolution that will allow them to enter the era of precision commerce. SmrtPrice Intelligent labels are the real nerve center of tomorrow’s store. They are the foundation for countless applications, offering more precise and refined management, optimizing costs and inventories, reducing stock-outs and the waste of perishable products, and so much more.

Customer Service

Stores need to rethink their relationships with customers, as they are more demanding and seeking new shopping experiences. SmrtPrice provides a completely connected environment, thanks to our multi-frequency radio infrastructure, our connected labels and our software.Customers are not frustrated anymore thanks to innovative products and applications, such as the product geolocation, faster check-outs or the ability to pay and scan articles with a smartphone.

Key features which bring easiness of the digital world to the physical commerce and thus directly to the shoppers. The in-store experience is key for retailers who want to compete with online players and thanks to connected electronic shelf labels and the shopper connectivity offered by our solution, they are now able to do so.

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